Can you escape?

Welcome to Escape Room SP.

Explore your knowledge, solve puzzles, join a group of up to 10 people who will try to escape the room in less than 60 minutes. Are you up to the challenge?



Up to 6 people


After disturbing dreams, you receive a letter from a stranger, William Briden, who confesses to have the same dreams and indicates an address to find some answers.

However, when you get there, Briden was gone.

But the signs left in his house indicate that in less than 1 hour something terrible will happen. It's up to you to use all available information and pursue this terrifying experience. And save all mankind.

Up to 8 people

B Side

Who hasn't dreamed of unveiling the secrets of the Universe, creating miraculous chemical formulas, discovering new elements or traveling at the speed of light?

He did all this and much more! And the result was astonishing.

Find out what happened and escape from the result in less than 60 minutes.

Up to 10 people


You are part of a CSI team. In your first mission you will investigate the misterious owner from an Art Studio.

Beware, he knows to hide his secrets and make a perfect copy of the Mona Lisa.

Could your team find out his identity?



The Game

Team Work

Work as a group, share your discoveries and find out what each person is capable of.

60 Minutes

This is the time you and your group have to solve the puzzles in the room, hurry!


Solve the puzzles using logic, general knowledge and intuition.


It won't be easy, one puzzle leads to another, it's a challenge against time. Are you up to that?


For you're the one with any questions about the enigmatic ROOM ESCAPE games SP.

How does the game work?

Escape Room SP offers a Real-life Room Escape Games experience, a kind of game where players explore a room, find puzzles and solve them to escape the room. The objective of the game is to escape from the room in less than 60 minutes. To do that, group work, intelligence, logic and intuition are necessary.

They were born as virtual games later turned into real-life games. Escape games a world phenomena: there are over 2,000 rooms in about 60 countries. Escape Room SP is the first Brazilian escape game listed in escape game online directories, such as Escape Room Directory, Escape Room Hub and Play Exit Games. Brazilian bloggers have visited us and wrote their reviews (only in portuguese): Tecmundo, Mega Curioso, O ABC da Comunicação, Hapfun, Coxinha Nerd, Dicas São Paulo e Balde de Pipoca.

Who can play at the Escape Room SP?

Everyone can play, the puzzles are designed so they can be solved with no physical strength requirements.

What is the minimum and maximum number of players?

Minimum of 4 players, but each room presents a different maximum capacity, according to it description.

I made a reservation and I woul like to include more people in my team, how do I proceed?

Just take your friends and family to the game on the day and time. Payment for additional players can be carried out when you arrive. Just be careful with the maximum capacity of each room, check out the description of each product.

What is the minimum age for players?

We recommend our games for those 14 years old and older. However, children of any age are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

How long does the game last?

The game lasts 60 minutes. If you and your group can't escape, the game ends and the door will be opened.

Is it necessary any technical knowledge or any other specific ability?

No, to play a game at Escape Room SP no previous knowledge is necessary. All games are designed so the players can solve them using their intuition and logical thinking.

What time should I be at Escape Room SP?

We kindly ask you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking, as we will provide some instructions.

Obs: bookings are non-refundable in case of late arrivals.

Can I record my game?

No. We ask you not to take pictures or record movies inside the game rooms.